Why Study Serbo-Croatian?

Be original and choose Serbo-Croatian–an exciting language with character!

Learn more about the former Yugoslavia, a strategic region of the world that is recovering from the aftermath of civil war. Open your mind to a wonderful new world of literature, film, music, folklore, history, and culture–all found at the European crossroads between East & West! Travel to the fascinating former Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia) where Serbo-Croatian is spoken and join in on the conversations!

Serbo-Croatian is spoken by millions of inhabitants in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia (in the former Yugoslavia), as well as by many others who have settled in the diaspora.

bosnia-old-bridgeCareer paths available to students of Serbo-Croatian and Serbian/ Croatian cultures include:

Work in joint companies, institutions, and organizations in former Yugoslavia. Employment in the U. S. Embassy, Foreign Service, U.S. Military, or Peace Corps. Teaching English as a Second language in former Yugoslavia. Academic and scholarly work in Slavic Literatures, Comparative Literatures, East European History, Political Science, Folklore, Anthropology, Sociology, Linguistics, and more. Providing unique translation skills.


Serbo-Croatian in the UW Classroom

The GNS Department at UW-Madison offers first and second year courses in Serbo-Croatian language. Our program is designed with instruction for everyone from beginners with no experience to graduate students looking to gain knowledge of another Slavic language, literature and culture.

Serbo-Croatian language is held in small, informal classes. Students receive a lot of individual attention. Class meets 3 days per week at a reasonable hour. The pace of each semester is tuned to the students’ interests and needs. If you are a heritage learner, you’ll finally be able to converse with your grandparents, and they’ll love it!

Serbo-Croatian instruction is proficiency-based at UW: Students master speaking, reading, and writing, as well as the fundamentals of the grammar by the end of the first year. Second-year classes focus on speaking skills and reading contemporary, unabridged texts.

Undergraduates who wish to learn Serbo-Croatian can earn a Certificate in Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies from the Center for Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia.

Graduate students can minor in Serbo-Croatian for their Ph.D. in Slavic Languages and Literature.

To hear from alumni who had the opportunity to study Serbo-Croatian at UW-Madison, head to the profiles of Lauren., Kate, and Alexandra.

In addition, we offer courses in Serbo-Croatian literature taught both in translation and in the original:

History of Serbian and Croatian Literature in Translation (Littrans 454)
Istorija srpske i hrvatske literature (Slavic 449)
Modern Serbian and Croatian Literature in Translation (Littrans 455)
Moderna srpska i hrvatska literatura (Slavic 454)

Serbo-Croatian language and literature courses are taught by Professor Tomislav Longinovic and teaching assistants.

For more information on the Serbo-Croatian Language and Culture program, please contact the Undergrad Coordinator or Professor Tomislav Longinovic