Mail/Copy Room


8th Floor Mail and Copy Room


By reserving this spot, you must agree to follow all Covid-19 protocols.  You will wear a mask, social distance, limit your visit to the selected space, 2 people per elevator, and wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer. Please wipe down the space after using it.

Please do not stay past your reserved time.

Please select the time you will be present in the mail/copy room on the 8th floor of Van Hise Hall. You can select one 45 minute time slot. Once you have selected the desired time submit your reservation.

  • Only one person can use the mail/copy room at a time. If the time slot you would like is grayed out it means someone has already reserved this time.

  • Once you have selected a time slot it will be listed below. You can review and/or cancel the selected time slot from this list.

  • You should receive a confirmation email of your reserved time after submitting.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact Thor Rothering at