Weijia Li
Assistant Professor, German
Email: wli255@wisc.edu



Language: German

Research/Language Interests: German-Chinese cultural encounters reflected in German literature, press, and art history, German-Jewish discourse, Central European Jewish refugees in China during WWII, 20th and 21st Century German culture and literature.

Education: Ph.D. in Germanic Languages and Literatures: The Ohio State University, 2009.

Affiliated Departments: Center for German and European Studies

Undergraduate Courses: German 285 Intermediate Intensive (Honors) German: Language, Culture, Texts (Fall 2018). German 372 China from the German Point of View (Spring 2014, Spring 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2017). German 305 The 20th and 21st Century German Literature (Fall 2016). German 249 Intermediate German Speaking and Pronunciation (Fall 2013, Spring 2013, Fall 2014, Fall 2015)

Graduate Courses: German 676/947 China in the German World: Literature and Interculturality (Spring 2018)

About Me: My research interest is primarily focusing on German-Chinese cultural encounters reflected in literature, press, and art history. In 2010, I published a monograph on Anna Seghers, a famous German writer and her encounter with China. I am currently working on a new book project on German and Yiddish writings on China by European Jewish refugees in Shanghai during WWII. Alongside research and teaching in the field of German Studies, I am also serving as the Director of Global Higher Education MS Program at Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis. I teach graduate courses on internationalization of higher education, administration of study abroad programs and international student services.

Selected Publications


China und China-Erfahrung in Leben und Werk von Anna Seghers. Oxford: Peter Lang, 2010.


“Synthesis and Transtextuality—The Jewish Re-invention of Chinese Mythical Stories in ‘Shanghai Ghetto’.” “einmal alles von Anfang an erzählen”: The Social, Political, and Personal Dimensions of Storytelling, Eds. Kristy Boney and Jennifer Marston William. Rochester: Camden House, 2018. Forthcoming.

„Zwischen Romantik und Orientalismus: Ostasiatische Kunstgeschichte in der Weimarer Republik.“ German Studies Review 38.3 (2015): 531-554.

“Otherness in Solidarity: The Collaboration between Chinese and German Left-wing Activists in the Weimar Republic.” Beyond Alterity: German Encounters with Modern East Asia. Ed. Qinna Shen and Martin Rosenstock. Spektrum: Publications of the German Studies Association. New York: Berghahn, 2014, 73-93.

„Von unmittelbarer Aktualität zu sinnbildlicher Gestaltung – Über die Seghers’sche China-Rezeption.“ Argonautenschiff: Jahrbuch der Anna-Seghers-Gesellschaft. 21 (2012): 67-79.

“Braveness in Non-Action: The Taoist Strategy of Survival in Bertolt Brecht’s Schweyk and Anna Seghers’ Transit.” Brecht Yearbook 36 (2011): 106-122.

„Anna Seghers´ Sinologiestudium und ihr Interesse an chinesischer Kunst.“ Argonautenschiff: Jahrbuch der Anna-Seghers-Gesellschaft. 18 (2009): 155-65.

„Zukunftsorientierte Landeskunde. Der Erwerb landeskundlicher Kenntnisse und moderner Arbeitstechnik als Lernziele.“ Didaktische Reflexionen: “Berliner Didaktik” und Deutsch als Fremdsprache heute. Ed. Hans Werner Hess. Tübingen: Stauffenburg Verlag, 2004. 109-20.

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