Claus Elholm Andersen
Assistant Professor, Nordic

Languages:  Danish, though I am currently working on the Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgård.

Research/Language Interests: In my research, I am mainly interested in the novel and in questions of fiction and fictionality: What it is, how it works, and what it implies. My current work focuses on contemporary Scandinavian literature, but I have also written about The Modern Breakthrough in Scandinavian literature, about Kierkegaard and irony, and about the crime novels of Stieg Larson. In 2018, I co-edited (with Dag Heede and Stig Olsen) a special issue of Spring on the Danish author Helle Helle. I have also edited and co-edited two-volumes on Karl Ove Knausgård’s My Struggle (one, forthcoming as a special issue of Scandinavian Studies, with Dean Krouk), and I currently work on a book-length project called Reading My Struggle.

Education: Ph.D, University of Helsinki 2015, Cand.mag, University of Copenhagen, 1999, BA, University of Copenhagen, 2006.

Undergraduate Courses: Hans Christian Andersen (Scand 373), Contemporary Scandinavian Literature (Scand 427), Contemporary Scandinavia: Politics and History (Scand 577), Readings in Danish Literature (Scand 271), Contemporary Scandinavian Languages (Scand 401), Graduate Seminar in Professional Development (GNS 700), a d Knausgård and Postfiction (Scand 901)

About Me: I am the Paul and Renate Madsen Assistant Professor of Scandinavian Studies. I joined the department in 2017, coming to Madison from the University of Helsinki where I also received my Ph.D. in 2015. In addition to my scholarly work, I have been a book critic and columnist for the newspaper Hufvudsstadsbladet in Finland since 2013. Through the Badger Talks Program, I have given numerous talks around Wisconsin on hygge and happiness.


Edited volumes:


  • “A Stranger in His Own House. Nothingness and Alienation in Henrik Pontoppidan’s Lucky-Per,in Scandinavian Studies (forthcoming)
  • “’Alle veje fører til veje.’ Om sorg og skrift i Helle Helles de”, in: Edda, 4, 2019 (forthcoming).
  • “Narratives of a Life. Karl Ove Knausgård’s My Struggle as a Literary Centaur”, in: Critical Quarterly, vol. 60, issue 2, 2018, Wiley-Blackwell (
  • “Verden åbnede sig for mig, mens jeg skrev. Imitation og metafiktionalitet i Helle Helles Dette burde skrives i nutid, in: Spring: tidskrift for moderne dansk litteratur, no. 43, 2018
  • “Bælgøjede fiktioner. Om Kristina Stolz’ Som om, in: Spring: tidsskrift for moderne dansk litteratur, no. 42, 2018
  • “At forsøge det umulige. Karl Ove Knausgårds kamp for at forene form og indhold,” in: Claus Elholm Andersen (ed.): Så tæt på livet som muligt. Perspektiver på Karl Ove Knausgårds ‘Min kamp’, Forlaget Spring 2017.


In January 2018, Professor Andersen was interviewed by Fox6 News.
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