University of Wisconsin–Madison

Halina Filipowicz
Professor, Slavic

Languages: Polish

Research/Language Interests: Polish literary and intellectual history; history and theory of drama and theatre; gender and women’s studies.

Education: Ph.D. (with distinction), University of Kansas, 1979

Affiliated Departments: Department of Gender and Women's Studies

Undergraduate Courses: Polish Literature, 14th to the Mid-19th Century (introductory survey); Polish Literature, Late 19th and 20th Centuries (introductory survey); Polish Literature, Middle Ages to 1863 (advanced course); Polish Literature since 1863 (advanced course); Polish Culture and Literature; Taboo Topics in Polish Literature and Culture; Representing the Holocaust in Poland (cross-listed with Jewish Studies)

Graduate Courses: Zarys historii literatury polskiej; Historia literatury polskiej do roku 1863; Historia literatury polskiej poroku 1863; Topics in Gender Theory and Criticism

Selected Publications


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