University of Wisconsin–Madison

Todd Michelson-Ambelang
Associate Lecturer, Nordic

Languages: Norwegian, Old Norse, German

Research/Language Interests: Scandinavian Philology, Historical Linguistics, Lexicography, Etymology, Language Policy, Disability Studies, Culture Studies, Medieval Studies, History of the Book, Reading and Readership, Information Studies

Education: BA, German, Arizona State University MA, Library and Information Studies, UW-Madison MA, Scandinavian Philology, UW-Madison PhD, Scandinavian Philology, UW-Madison

Affiliated Departments: Medieval Studies

Undergraduate Courses: Sagas of the Icelanders Scandinavian Life and Civilization Contemporary Scandinavian Languages Nynorsk: Språk og Kultur


About Me: I am an Associate Lecturer as well as the Bibliographer at Memorial Library for Scandinavian Humanities, Classics, Jewish and South Asian Studies. I earned a BA in German and a certificate in Scandinavian Studies from Arizona State University. I then went on to earn an MA in Scandinavian Philology and an MA in Library and Information Studies 2007. I received my PhD in Scandinavian Philology in 2015. My dissertation was a linguistic and cultural examination of disability as portrayed in the Sagas and Þættir of Icelanders. My academic interests are in linguistics, etymology, lexicography, linguistic patterns, disability studies, readers and readership, history of the book, and studying receptions of the under-represented in the world. I teach one course per semester.

Selected Publications

“Guðrún’s Mysterious Missing Husband” (Article Length Project).

‘“Ei Blot til Lyst’ - ‘Not Just for Pleasure’ The Gudrid Reading Circle, Madison, WI, 1897-1907” (Article-length Project).

“Why Would a Man Wear a Yellow Suit Anyway?: The Representation of Colors in Hamsun’s Mysterier” (Article-length Project).

“Inside Out: Defining Impairment and Disability in Medieval Western Scandinavia.” (Book-length Project).