Polish Major

The Polish major requires 9 credits in Polish language courses above Fourth Semester Polish (Slavic 208):

Third-year Polish (Slavic 277-278)
Fourth-year Polish (Slavic 331-332)

6 credits in Polish literature in translation:

Polish Literature in Translation: 14th to the Mid-19th Century (Littrans 215)  or  Polish Literature in Translation, Middle Ages to 1863 (Littrans 471)


Polish Literature in Translation: Late 19th and 20th Centuries (Littrans 216) or Polish Literature in Translation since 1863 (Littrans 473)

9 credits in literature in the original, culture and area studies, including the following options and other courses related to Poland with the approval of the advisor, including courses taken abroad on Polish history, society, politics, economy, and so forth.
Polish literature (in Polish):

Zarys historii literatury polskiej (Slavic 302)
Polish and East European culture and area studies (in English):
Topics in Slavic Literatures (Slavic 245, with approval from Polish advisor)
Eastern Europe: An Interdisciplinary Survey (Slavic 254)
(Slavic 370)
(Slavic 444)
Representation of the Jew in Eastern European Cultures (Littrans 229)
Literatures and Cultures of Eastern Europe (Littrans 241)
Polish Culture and Literature in Translation (Littrans 242)
Topics in Slavic Literatures in Translation (Littrans 247, with approval from Polish advisor)
Modern Central and East European Narrative in Translation (Littrans 265)
History of Poland and the Baltic Area (History 425)

All students must fulfill the L&S requirement of 15 credits of upper-level work in the major completed in residence. For the Polish major, Slavic 277–278, 302, 307, 308, 331–332; and Littrans 471, 473 count toward this requirement.


Honors in the Polish Major
Students seeking Honors in the Major in Polish must apply to the departmental undergraduate advisor.

Honors in the Major candidates are required, in addition to meeting the general Polish major requirements, to take 9 credits in Polish language courses above Fourth Semester Polish (Slavic 208) for honors credit, choosing from among Slavic 277, 278, 331, 332. This requirement is waived for students who take some of these courses while on study abroad in Poland.

In addition, students seeking Honors in the Major in Polish must write a senior honors thesis for 6 credits (Slavic 681/682).
Student pursuing the Honors in the Major in Polish must earn an overall GPA of at least 3.3 in all courses taken at UW–Madison.

Distinction in the Major
With the permission of the department undergraduate advisor, students who are not in any of the honors programs may work toward Distinction in the Major in Polish. Distinction in the Major may be granted for any student who has a 3.5 grade point average in the major, and who has submitted an acceptable senior thesis.