German graduate to present at DePaul Pop Culture Conference

Brandy E. Wilcox, a Ph.D. candidate in the German program, will present at this year’s Pop Culture Conference at DePaul University in Chicago on May 4th. Under the theme “A Celebration of Disney,” Brandy will join scholars and enthusiasts across many fields with her two talks, the first of which, “Across the Sea, Not Under It: Disney Songs Abroad” discusses translations of Disney films abroad and their impact within their new cultures. The second, “That Perfect Girl is Gone: Disney’s Developing Princesses” explores the evolution of the Disney princess in terms of motivation, autonomy, and action since Snow White’s debut on the silver screen in 1937. Both talks are adjacent to her current dissertation project, which contrasts Disney’s fairytale films with those produced by East Germany’s DEFA studios.

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