"More than 80% of employers want the skills that humanities majors cultivate, like critical thinking, analytical reasoning, good written and oral communication skills."



Providing the Skills You Need: 

GNS courses, majors, and certificates prepare students for a variety of career opportunities. In addition to becoming fluent in new languages, our students learn to understand different cultures, think globally, develop written and oral communication skills, and improve critical thinking and analysis skills. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’s Job Outlook 2016 report, these are important skills employers look for in job applicants.

Become a Well-Rounded Job Candidate: 

Many of our majors and certificate students have another major—including majors in the science, engineering, and business. Our majors and certificates perfectly complement these degree programs by building different skill sets that are valuable to all employers. Check UW-Madison Languages page to see what alumni say about the value of studying a language at UW.

Can I Get a Job with a GNS Major or Certificate? 

Students completing a GNS degree or certificate gain essential skills for careers in education, translation, tourism, international business and law, diplomatic and military service, and other exciting fields. Our students also go on to law school, medical school, and graduate school. However, the skills and knowledge learned in our programs can be applied to many more career paths. Read more about careers for foreign language students.

Building Skills Abroad

Taking advantage of study abroad opportunities only enhances our students’ marketability. Study abroad experiences demonstrate to future employers that you possess independence, cultural awareness, and language skills. Read more about UW student study abroad opportunities by going to

Already studied abroad and can’t get enough? Consider applying for the International Internship Program (IIP).  The program offers help through the whole process of finding global internship opportunities, applying for different positions, and then supports interns during and after their experience.


Capitalize on your education by going to SuccessWorks!

SuccessWorks is a place where L&S students from all majors can explore their interests, connect with others who share their passions, and develop skills they need to take their next steps toward success. They offer tools such as Discover Careers, Job Search Tools and Strategies, Interview Skills, Graduate School Prep, Career Development courses, and On-Campus Interviews.

  • If you explore “Career Communities” on the left dropdown of their page, you will find areas of career focus.  Each of these areas has a Facebook community where you can locate pertinent job postings, internships and other connections in your job field.
  • The “Events” section is also useful for viewing upcoming Career Fairs and other SuccessWorks events (Mock interviews, Employer Info sessions and workshops).
  • You can make an appointment to get one-on-one help!  Their new office is above the bookstore on the State Street Mall.