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Providing the Skills You Need: GNS courses, majors, and certificates prepare students for a variety of career opportunities. In addition to becoming fluent in new languages, our students learn to understand different cultures, think globally, develop written and oral communication skills, and improve critical thinking and analysis skills. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’s Job Outlook 2016 report, these are important skills employers look for in job applicants.

Building Skills Abroad: Taking advantage of study abroad opportunities only enhances our students’ marketability. Study abroad experiences demonstrate to future employers that you possess independence, cultural awareness, and language skills. Read more about how language study can help you reach your career goals.

Become a Well-Rounded Job Candidate: Many of our majors and certificate students have another major—including majors in the science, engineering, and business. Our majors and certificates perfectly compliment these degree programs by building different skill sets that are valuable to all employers. Read about what alumni say about the value of studying a language at UW.

But Can I Get a Job with a GNS Major or Certificate? Students completing a GNS degree or certificate gain essential skills for careers in education, translation, tourism, international business and law, diplomatic and military service, and other exciting fields. Our students also go on to law school, medical school, and graduate school. However, the skills and knowledge learned in our programs can be applied to many more career paths. Read more about careers for foreign language students.

Overhead lighting shines down upon rows of books shelved in one of the many maze-like “stacks” in Memorial Library at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Sept. 18, 2013. (Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)


GNS students should discuss career options with their GNS advisors.

The Language Institute provides career advising related to foreign language studies. Contact Michael Kruse, International Directions Advisor, for more information.

The Letters & Science Career Initiative & Career Services provides career advising for all L&S students and can be contacted at The Career Exploration Center is housed in Ingraham Hall 114, directly across from Van Hise.


UW-Madison International Internships Program maintains a database of international internships and provides advising for such internships. They also have information about how to get course credit and funding for your internship.