Our extensive undergraduate offerings include courses in the languages, literatures, and cultures of over 16 languages. GNS currently offers four Undergraduate Majors, three certificates, and offers a variety of other courses that are under the GNS umbrella. Click on the headings to learn more about the Major requirements for each program.

GNS Undergraduate Majors

German Major

Declaring your Major in German opens up a variety of opportunities, not only for personal growth but for professional growth as well. Our graduates go on to pursue a wide variety of careers – in business, public service, health care, law, engineering, information technology, education, and the arts – where a knowledge of German and the cultures of German-speaking Europe is useful. Many German majors are double-majors who easily complete requirements for both majors in four years. German students pursue second majors in the social sciences and humanities, natural sciences (especially majors leading to careers in health care), engineering, and business.

Scandinavian Studies Major

Declaring a Scandinavian Major opens up a wide array of ways you can stand out and profile yourself as an exceptional, global, and innovative student. The Scandinavian countries have long been on the cutting edge of, among other things, sustainable energy, innovative bioscience, technology, healthcare, and social welfare.  Learning more about these resourceful countries, their languages, culture, and ideologies not only benefits you as a student but gives you a decidedly positive edge in the eyes of future employers. The famous Danish “hygge” can spread into your everyday life as a student, and there are plenty of opportunities for careers and internships that you can explore. We are a small program and make sure your path to a Major is easy and manageable, and most importantly, interesting, exciting, and enjoyable. For more information, and questions about placement if you have a prior knowledge of a Scandinavian language, please contact Nete Schmidt at

Russian Major

Choosing the Russian Major offered by GNS sets you apart from other job applicants.  There are a host of opportunities within the Public, Private, and Not-for-Profit (NGO’s) sectors that are waiting for you upon graduation.

Polish Major

University of Wisconsin-Madison has a long history with the Polish Major. The United States has a huge Polish-American population and the public/private sectors are always looking for Polish communicators. These major/minor cities that have a high Polish American numbers:  Chicago (7.3%*), Cheektowaga (39.9%*), Toledo (10.1%*) and Pittsburgh (8.4%*).  Banking, customer service, translators, and teachers will be in need in these areas.

Declaring a Major

Students may declare a major in any GNS program by contacting the advisor for that program of study.  Most of our advisors will ask you to meet with them before the formal declaration is processed.