Important Course Information

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Enrollment Policy

The GNS+ department follows University Policy to manage enrollment. In some cases, majors or certificate earners may be granted exceptions to policy with the consent of the advisor and the course instructor.

Waitlist Policy

We do not give out waitlist position information to students. We offer space to students on the waitlists through the Add Deadline at the end of the second week of classes. If you are offered a space and do not enroll before the deadline detailed in your notification email, you will be removed from the waitlist and the space will be offered to the next student in line. You are welcome to place yourself back on the waitlist with the understanding that you will have lost your previous priority. Please be sure to check your email daily after 9:00am in the hopes we are able to offer you a space.

If you are already enrolled in a course but need to swap sections, you will not be given priority over students already in the waitlist.

Auditor Policy

GNS+ welcomes auditors as instructors and space allow: Please see the Guest Auditor policy, Graduate auditor policy, and L&S undergraduate auditor policy for further information on which courses may be audited. Further restrictions for other types of students may apply.

Language Placement Policy

If a student has any previous experience with a GNS+ language, through heritage, life experience, or formal study, we require the student to placement test before enrollment.

The Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic does not allow students to test out of the L&S Language Requirement. We offer literature and culture courses with the 5+ language level designation and will place students into those courses so they may complete the L&S Language Requirement.

If you have previous experience with a language, please contact Joanna Schuth at to arrange for placement testing.