Scandinavian Studies (Nordic) Publications Available

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NCCP – Introductory courses to Nordic life and culture have been taught at many foreign universities for years. Such courses tend to be popular and attract students to further study of the Nordic countries. Those who have taught such courses have long been in agreement that a basic textbook is lacking.

It is that need that has resulted in the Nordic Cultural Curriculum Project (NCCP). Thanks to a generous grant from the Nordic Council of Ministers a project has been devised that should alleviate the problems of giving general cultural courses.

To publish one textbook encompassing Nordic culture would be most problematic, not only because it would be a sizable and expensive book, but also because parts of it soon would be outdated and would not permit individual instructors to give a general cultural course their special imprint. Instead a series of pamphlets will be developed. These quarto size booklets can be updated every few years, and instructors will have the freedom to order only those that fit into their particular plan for such a course. Eventually a Teacher’s Guide will be developed.

science NCCP

Nordic Science in a Historical Perspective
Jole Shackelford Pp. 32


 scand_family NCCP

Family and Community in Scandinavia
Thomas DuBois, ed. Pp. 20


 nordic_geo_cover NCCP

A Thematic and Historical Geography 
Robert Ostergren Pp. 48


 environment NCCP

Nordic Environment: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
Arnold Alanen Pp. 48


 immigration NCCP

Nordic Immigration to North America
Faith Ingwersen, ed. Pp. 69



WITS  Wisconsin Introductions to Scandinavia–is the acronym for two pamphlet series published by the Department of Scandinavian Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison. WITS (quarto size–ISSN 0742-7018) is an ESSAY SERIES designed to provide short and authoritative introductions to various aspects of Scandinavian Life and Civilization–geography and languages; history and politics, health, education, and welfare; art, literature, and music, etc. Each pamphlet is written by an American specialist in a form suitable for undergraduate instruction or self study, with maps, diagrams, and bibliography.


The Scandinavian Languages
Einar Haugen Pp. 21


 scan_hist_cover WITS I

The History of Scandinavia
Stewart Oakley & Julie K. Allen Pp. 35


 danish_folk_tales Danish Folk Tales 
Collected by M. Winther Tracey Sands & James Massengale, trans. Pp. xvi & 95


WITS II (octavo size—ISSN-0742-7026) is a TEXT SERIES, offering translations of Scandinavian plays, poetry, and short stories, selected for use in Literature in Translation classes. Each text selection is edited and introduced by an American scholar. The two series are planned and edited by HARALD NAESS and NIELS INGWERSEN, with the assistance of the following colleagues: Susan Brantly, Kim Nilsson, Dick Ringler, Faith Ingwersen, and Richelle Wilson, Program Assistant.


Tardy Awakening and Other Stories
Steen Steensen Blicher Pp. vii & 75


 doctor_glas WITS II

Doctor Glas
Hjalmar Söderberg Rochelle Wright, trans. Pp. iii & 93


 aprilfools WITS II

The April Fools or An Intrigue at School
Johan Ludvig Heiberg Peter Vinten-Burdak, trans. Pp. 72


 april_fools_songbook WITS II

Songbook for The April Fools or An Intrigue at School
Johan Ludvig Heiberg Peter Vinten-Burdak, trans. Pp. 72


 sensitiva WITS II

Sensitiva Amorosa
Ola Hansson Paul Norlön, trans. Pp. iv & 44


 sexandmb Sex and The Modern Breakthrough, an Anthology
Sex and The Modern Breakthrough, an Anthology. Susan Brantly, ed. & trans., pp. 135.
 the_shadow_cover WITS II

The Shadow and Other Tales
Hans Christian Andersen Niels Ingwerswen, ed. Pp. 70


 ballads WITS II

Scandinavian Ballads
Sven H. Rossel, ed. Pp. 76


 norwegian_cover WITS II

Short Stories from Norway, 1850-1900
Henning Sehmsdorf & Tayna Thresher, eds. Pp. 99


 erasmus_montanus WITS II

Erasmus Montanus
Ludvig Holberg Petter Naess, trans. Pp. 74


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German Publications Available

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Monatshefte has been published continuously since 1899 at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The first issue, published December 1899, was called “Pädagogische Monatshefte—Zeitschrift für das deutschamerikanische Schulwesen.” Though we’re now a quarterly journal devoted to German literature and culture, Monatshefte has retained its place at the forefront of American Germanistik.

In addition to the articles on topics from all periods of German literature and book reviews of current scholarship in German Studies which can be found in each issue of Monatshefte, the Winter issue (#4) of each volume contains our annual Personalia listing. Personalia is an indispensable listing of new hires, retirements, promotions and visiting professors. Personalia also contains a comprehensive listing of German Studies faculty and departments in the USA and Canada, and it comes with a list of all Ph.D. theses that have been defended in the preceding year.

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