Old Norse

Why Study Old Norse?

The Nordic Program offers four semesters of Old Norse:
407-408 Old Norse I and II are designed to give students a reading knowledge of Old Norse through the study of Old Norse-Icelandic grammar and selections of Old Norse-Icelandic texts. The focus in 407 is on phonology and nominal inflections and in 408 on verbal inflections and syntax.
409 Survey of Old Norse-Icelandic Literature gives students an overview of Old Norse Icelandic literature from the 12th century until the Reformation. Representative texts from the major literary genres are read, translated, and analyzed in class.

Scand St. 511 Paleography and Philology provides a history of writing in Iceland from 1150 to 1550 on the basis of manuscripts. Students are trained in transcribing manuscripts and dating them on the basis of paleographic and orthographic features and introduced to editorial methods and principles.

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