Nordic MA Area Studies

In addition to the general requirements, there are special course requirements for degree candidates in each of the areas of specialization. Undergraduate work may count in fulfillment of these requirements (and the requirements can sometimes be adjusted to take into consideration the preparation and needs of individual students).

See the M.A. Program Guide and Ph.D. Program Guide for more information on applying.

M.A. in Area Studies:

The following are departmental guidelines for an area studies specialization, though ultimately everything must be approved by the graduate advisor:

1. 20 graduate credits, 16 in residence;
2. Advanced competency in a modern Scandinavian Language; if the modern Scandinavian Language is Finnish or Icelandic, a working knowledge of Norwegian, Swedish, or Danish is required;
3. Minimal competency (e.g. ETS score of 525) in German or another research language approved by the department;
4. A comprehensive written and oral examination.

Required Courses:

1. One seminar in the student’s emphasis area, or a thesis of ca. 40-50 pages on a topic agreed upon by the student and advisor;
2. One course in Scandinavian literature or literary history;
3. Scand. St. 401: Contemporary Scandinavian Languages
4. Four courses agreed upon by the student and advisor; Courses need not be within the Scandinavia Studies Department, but should be identified by the student and advisor during the first year of study.