Rob Howell
Emeritus, Professor

Languages: Dutch, German, Gothic, Old High German, Old Saxon, Old Frisian, Old English, Middle Dutch

Research/Language Interests: Historical Linguistics, Historical Sociolinguistics, Dialectology, Morphology, Phonology

Education: BA Stanford German Literature 1976 MA Stanford German Literature 1976 MEd Stanford Secondary Education 1977 MA Cornell 1982 Germanic Linguistics PhD Cornell 1983 Germanic Linguistics

Affiliated Departments: Director of  Language Institute

Undergraduate Courses: Dutch and German Language

Graduate Courses: History of the German Language, Old High German, Gothic, Old Saxon, North Sea Germanic, Middle Dutch, Historical Sociolinguistics, Comparative Germanic, Language and Migration, Dialects of German

About Me: Since coming to Madison in 1984 I have enjoyed working with the growing number of undergraduates and graduates interested in all aspects of Germanic linguistics. My own interests range from early Germanic phonology and morphology to the development of Dutch and German urban vernaculars in the Early Modern period. The size and vitality of our program has afforded me many opportunities for collaborative work with colleagues and graduate students. In addition to teaching courses in early Germanic (Gothic, Old High German, Old Saxon), dialectology and historical linguistics I enjoy teaching courses in Dutch and German language. My major current project is the Cambridge History of the Germanic Languages, which I am co-authoring with Joe Salmons and Paul Roberge (UNC-Chapel Hill).

Selected Publications


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