PhD in Scandinavian Folklore

PhD in Scandinavian Folklore:

The following are departmental guidelines for candidates for the PhD degree in Folklore, though ultimately everything must be approved by the graduate advisor. This degree is offered in cooperation with the interdisciplinary Folklore Program. These requirements are in addition to the M.A. requirements:

1. A minimum of 21 credits beyond the M.A. degree (16 in residence), including at least two seminars. In ordinary circumstances, graduate students entering the program with a B.A. will be required to take the M.A. before they can proceed to the Ph.D.;
2. A Ph.D. Option B minor of 10-12 credits in Folklore, including *ONE* of the following courses:
3. a. FOLKLORE 410: Folklore Studies in Historical Perspective
b. FOLKLORE 490: Field Methods and the Public Presentation of Folklore
c. FOLKLORE 510: Folklore Theory;
4. Detailed knowledge of the folklore of one Nordic culture *AND *general knowledge of the folklore of the other Nordic cultures;
5. Detailed knowledge of the folklore of Nordic Americans;
6. Familiarity with the history, institutions, and literary history of the Nordic countries, especially as related to folklore;
7. A written preliminary examination taken no later than one year before the student expects to receive the degree;
8. A written dissertation prospectus, completed, presented, and approved by the candidate’s chair and committee as a component of the preliminary examination;
9. Either minimal satisfactory competence (e.g., an ETS score of 525) in German and another research language approved by the department, OR advanced competency (e.g., an ETS score of 675) in German or another research language approved by the department;
10. A dissertation.