Scandinavian Studies Major

Requirements for the Major

1. five semesters of a Scandinavian language;

2. 18 credits from Scand St 373, and/or 374, and courses numbered 400 and higher (15 of these 18 credits must be taken in residence);

3. 3–4 credits must be taken in each of:
a. Language, Culture and History
b. Scandinavian Literature

a. Language, Culture and History

401 Contemporary Scandinavian Languages
405 Nynorsk
407 Old Norse I
408 Old Norse II
409 Survey of Old Norse—Icelandic Literature
410 Introduction to Scandinavian Linguistics
411 Areas in Scandinavian Literature
414 History of Scandinavian Languages
415 History of Scandinavian Languages II
429 Mythology of Scandinavia
430 The Vikings
431 History of Scandinavia to 1815
432 History of Scandinavia since 1815
433 The Scandinavian Tale and Ballad
435 The Icelandic Sagas
440 Scandinavian American Folklore
443 Sami Culture, Yesterday and Today
444 Kalevala
446 Celtic–Scandinavian Cultural Interrelations
466 Greenland—Past, Present, and Future
476 Scandinavian Life and Civilization
496 Scandinavian Heritage in America
510 Topics in Scandinavian Linguistics
511 Paleography and Philology / Old Norse
577 Contemporary Scandinavia: Politics and History
578 Contemporary Scandinavia and International Relations
630 Fundamentals of Bibliography and Research
633 Survey of Scandinavian Literature 1300–1500

b. Modern Scandinavian Literature

373 Masterpieces of Scandinavian Literature from the Middle Ages to 1900
374 Masterpieces of Scandinavian Literature , the 20th Century
410 The Woman in Scandinavian Literature
419 Scandinavian Children’s Literature
420 The Woman in Scandinavian Literature
421–1 Norwegian-American Folksong
421–2 Finnish-American Folksong
421–4 Hagiography in the North
422 The Drama of Henrik Ibsen
423 The Drama of August Strindberg
424 Nineteenth Century Scandinavian Fiction
425 Knut Hamsun and the Norwegian Novel
426 Kierkegaard and Scandinavian Literature
427 Contemporary Scandinavian Literature
434 The Art of Isak Dinesen/Karen Blixen
436 Topics: Criminal Utopias
437 Modern Scandinavian Drama
450 Scandinavian Decadence
475 The Writings of Hans Christian Andersen
501 Tal och Skrift
520 Special Topics
634 Survey of Scandinavian Literature: 1500–1800
635 Survey of Scandinavian Literature: 1800–1890
636 Survey of Scandinavian Literature 1890–1920

All students are required to fulfill the L&S requirement of at least 15 credits of upper-level work in the major completed in residence. All courses numbered 400 or above count toward this requirement.

Honors in the Major

Students wishing to earn a Scandinavian major with honors must fulfill the following requirements, in addition to the general requirements for the major:

1. Cumulative grade point average in the major of 3.3

2. 18 credits at the 400 level or above should include:

a. at least 8 honors credits
b. at least one semester of the Survey of Scandinavian Literature series (633, 634, 635, 636)

3. at least 6 credits of Senior Honors Thesis (681, 682). The thesis should be 60–100 typewritten pages.

Students should be aware that Honors in the Major is a new program and is still under development, and so should not assume that the requirements specified in this catalog are complete or fully described. Students should check with the department honors advisor at least once a year to make sure that requirements have not been modified, as well as to seek guidance about planning the best possible Honors in the Major curriculum that reflects their special interests. Note that a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.3 in all courses taken at UW–Madison at the time of graduation is required to earn any honors degree in the College of Letters and Science. This minimum cumulative GPA may be distinct from the minimum GPA requirement for courses in the major.

Majors should see the advisor during the semester before their last semester. Prospective majors are urged to consult the undergraduate advisor about their program at the first possible opportunity.