Cassidi Goll

“I have never learned so many valuable life lessons than I did in my time in Denmark.”

Program: Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS), Spring

Student’s Majors: Journalism, Strategic Communications and Public Relations

Cassidi in the Copenhagen City Center.

Academic Life: The classroom setting was very welcoming and I felt comfortable to speak and share my thoughts with both my classmates and the professor. The instructors were extremely approachable and experienced in their field of study. There were study tours integrated into the classroom experience – I went to London, many cities within Denmark, to human trafficking safe houses, outdoor classrooms, etc.

Memorable Experience: I took an international advertising class where we were given a Danish client, Gammel Dansk and we got to fully re-brand and analyze the Advertising plan and objectives and present our findings to the CEO and other executives of Gammel Dansk.

Reflecting on First Impressions: I was confused but very excited. I went into the program not knowing anything about Copenhagen, and yet, I had an experience of a lifetime. I quickly learned to love every aspect of Copenhagen and my study abroad program. I felt very comfortable talking to people, became well versed with local transportation routes and businesses- Copenhagen still feels like a second home, I can’t wait to go back.

Advice for Future Students: Copenhagen exceeded my expectations. My outlook on the world has widened and I have come to understand and appreciate other cultures, languages, foods, norms, etc. If you are open-minded, enjoy meeting new people, and like to have a good time, this city is for you. It is the safest, cleanest, happiest country in the world and I have nothing negative to say about Denmark as well as the Danish Institute for Study Abroad- everything far exceeded my expectations.