Connor Fuglestad

“When I realized I was fully thinking in German, I felt at home.”

Program: Germany, Bonn/ University of Bonn, Spring

Student’s Majors: Economics, German

Connor chilling in front of a beautiful view of Bonn

Academic Life: Classes were very similar to discussions at UW. There were small groups based on German ability. I was in classes with other international students who had a similar level of German to mine, and the classes were taught by independent professors for German as a second language. They spoke little to no English, so my German needed to be pretty good.

Most Memorable Moments: Getting to know all the other people in my program. I made some friends that will last a lifetime.

Advice for Someone Considering Studying in Bonn: It is absolutely worth it. Germany is a beautiful country and Bonn will welcome you with open arms.

Housing: I lived in a residence hall of sorts. It was much like an apartment. I had one roommate who happened to be from UW as well.

Tips for Future Students: Take advantage of the time you have abroad, it goes by too fast.

New Perspectives: I got so many different life experiences that are applicable to everyday things. My time management, self motivation, responsibility, and many other traits improved.