Elliott Frokjer

“Studying abroad has allowed me to embrace myself for who I am.”

Program: Academic Year in Freiburg (AYF)

Student’s Majors: International Studies, German

Elliott with fellow Badgers exploring the Dreisam River.

Academic Life: AYF students have the option of taking classes offered by the program (with at least one of the classes taught by the resident director from one of the participating universities). These courses are taught strictly in German, though tend to resemble the structure of a typical American course. These classes are exclusively offered to AYF students. You also have the option to take any classes at the Albert-Ludwigs–Universität. I took both seminar and lecture based classes at the Uni. Seminar based classes give you the chance to communicate with peers and professors on a more personal scale, whereas lecture classes are similar to those in the United States- large and impersonal. The educational opportunities available in Freiburg are truly amazing, regardless of a student’s major, there is something for everyone.

Advice for Someone Considering this Program: Don’t be scared off by being away from home for a year. It may seem like a long time, but in the scheme of life, a year is nothing. The time will fly by incredibly fast. The learning and personal growth opportunities that are available through study abroad are truly a once in a lifetime chance. Don’t miss out. Take the plunge– you won’t regret it.

How Study Abroad Sets You Apart: The number one thing that sets me apart from other students because of my study abroad experiences is that I have become an extremely flexible, quick-thinking individual. Living, studying, and traveling in unfamiliar environments presents many challenging obstacles that must be overcome quickly and efficiently. Without my experience living abroad I know I would not be nearly as flexible and quick-witted as I am today. My German language skills will also be beneficial in the professional world considering the strong economic position of German-speaking Europe and the countless multinational firms in need of multi-lingual employees.