Kayla Pfeiffer-Mundt

“Aarhus is a bit off the beaten track, so it provides a really good opportunity to meet Danes.”

Program: University of Aarhus Exchange, Spring

Student’s Majors: Biology, International Studies

Kayla on a visit to ARoS, an art museum in Aarhus.

Academic Life: I took three political science classes- one was a general class about the Danish Welfare state, and was with all exchange students. The other two were masters-level classes, taught in English, with mostly Danish students. One was about the Danish healthcare system, and the other was about the design and functioning of international institutions. Each of my classes were 3-hour seminars held once a week.

Advice for Someone Considering Aarhus: Aarhus is really nice, because there is a lot of opportunity to socialize with locals. The short winter days provide the perfect opportunity to experience some Danish ‘hygge,’ or cozy times with friends. This means going to one of the many cafes, exploring the museums, and simply lighting candles and hanging out with friends. As the weather gets warmer, be sure to enjoy the cute downtown on the canal and the ocean-front beaches. Aarhus is small enough that everywhere is easily accessible by bike, but large enough to have a vibrant night life and social scene.

Housing: I lived in a dorm in a residential neighborhood with a ten-minute walk to downtown. It was about half foreign students, and half Danes. I had a single room, but shared kitchen and common area. There was a courtyard in the middle that was good for playing soccer, barbecuing, or sunbathing.

Memorable Moment: Going to Kapsejladsen at four in the morning, and hanging out all day with friends to watch a “boat race.” The lake is tiny, and the actual race is kind of ridiculous, but there are 25,000 people that gather for the festival.

Future Aspirations: I loved Denmark, and am considering doing a master’s program in Copenhagen. I hope to get a masters in public health, then probably go on to medical school.