Meghan Radka

“I grew as a person because I was given time to focus on myself rather than my future.”

Program: Umeå University Exchange, Spring

Student’s Majors: Scandinavian Studies, History, Anthropology

Meghan ice skating in Umeå’s ice arena.

Academic Life: I took Swedish history and language classes.  My two history classes consisted of one lecture of about 20 people. After the lecture, there were weekly discussions based on assigned readings. The class was conducted in English and consisted of primarily international students and a few Swedish students. The  classes were very relaxed, with the requirements clearly laid out so students knew what was expected of them. The final grade was determined based on participation during discussion, attendance  at discussion, and the final essays. The Swedish language class I took was held twice a week, and consisted of only international students. The class was conducted in Swedish and at the end of the class the grades of the written and oral exams were combined to determine the student’s final grade.

Advice for Someone Considering Umeå: Join the Buddy Program. It is an excellent way to experience northern Sweden (through activities they organize), meet other students, both international and Swedish, and get to know the university and city of Umeå.

What Meghan Learned About Herself: I feel like I am more prepared for the world.  I was able to experience so much that I would have been hesitant to do in the U.S. I learned a lot about myself and what I want.  What is important, and what isn’t. It was truly a life-changing  experience, and I feel that I matured during it.

Umeå As A Second Home: The people I met became my home. This experience and the friends I met have a special place in my heart that will forever make Umeå a home for me.