Stephanie Luedtke

“A unique experience- having a class at the UN Conference.”

Program: UW Obesity and Health in Austria, Summer

Student’s Major: Biology

Stephanie at the United Nations Conference.

Academic Life: While in Vienna, classes consisted of student-facilitated discussions on the sustainable development goals assigned. We were each given a goal to present on while in Vienna. This is the same goal we had to write a research paper on before the program. Classes were held throughout the city, wherever it worked out. We also went to the university where we listened to professors about the experience there, and later we had a discussion with students of the University of Vienna.

Most Memorable Moments: The most memorable experience for me was going to a United Nations (UN) conference. Many of the subjects discussed during this conference concerned ideas we learned about throughout the certificate, so it was neat to see these ideas actually being facilitated.

Noticing Differences: To me, Vienna is a lot quieter than most cities in the U.S. People generally speak quieter than people here in the U.S.

Benefits of Study Abroad: I plan to get a Masters in Public Health, so this study abroad experience was a great advantage for me. I learned a lot about how public health is handled abroad through the UN conference.

Tips for Future Students: Try to learn a little bit of German language. It was not necessary for the program, but it would have enriched my experience more if I could have read signs or have been able to talk to others in German.