There are many ways to participate in “The Novel and the Archive.” Please see below:

Novel Seminars

Each novel seminar is led by two scholars in the field. To participate in a novel seminar, please indicate your preference when you register for the conference. We will then include your name on the program as a PARTICIPANT.

List of Novel Seminars.

Keyword seminars

Keyword Seminar will be two-hour events that start with several short presentations, and will be followed by lots of time for discussion with participants. LEADERS and PRESENTERS will each make 5-minute interventions at the beginning of the seminar. PARTICIPANTS can register in advance to be guaranteed a seat in the room and share in the discussion after the intervention. You will have a chance to rank the seminars you would like to attend when you register for the conference. Participants’ names will be printed in the program if you register in good time and are not otherwise listed. Some keyword seminars will be concurrent, but you may attend more than one if they meet at different times. You may also attend a novel and a peripatetic seminar if you like. Your name will appear on the program once.

List of Keyword Seminars.


Panels and Papers

You may submit for consideration a paper proposal for a 15-minute paper concerning the theme “The Novel and the Archive” or a panel consisting of 3 or 4 papers and a chair. Individual paper proposals should be no more that 250 words. Panel proposals should be no more than 750 words, and include paper abstracts and panel description.


Peripatetic Seminar on Speculative Fiction

Leader: John Plotz (Brandeis University)

Because some of us have our best ideas walking, please join the second SNS peripatetic seminar. We will exchange ideas about speculative fiction informally, in both open and one-on-one conversations, as we perambulate. This is intended as an “all levels” conversational space, so you are heartily invited if you once worked on, are now working on or may be working on speculative fiction in the future (the barrier to entry is deliberately set very low…). The walk is intended as fully open and accessible to all interested parties; when you register, feel free to mention any particular accessibility issues; or if you prefer email John directly at


Please note that to broaden participation as much as possible we ask people to appear no more than ONCE on the program as a panelist or presenter.