SEEJ Symposium on Rethinking Pedagogical Practices

The Winter 2023 issue of the Slavic and East European Journal, just published, features a symposium titled “Rethinking Pedagogical Practices at the Nexus of Pandemic and War: Technology, Access, Equity, Inclusion, and Representation in Our Field.” The symposium was coordinated by UW-Madison Professor Karen Evans-Romaine and Slavic Studies PhD alum Shannon Donnally Quinn (Michigan State University). Evans-Romaine and Quinn also wrote an introductory text.

Contributors to the symposium with connections to UW-Madison are legion:

David S. Danaher (Professor)
“Pedagogy with a Human(e) Face”

Krzysztof Borowski (Lecturer)
“Digital Humanities and Technology in Teaching Polish Language and Culture: Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic”

José Vergara (PhD alum)
“Writing for Beyond the Drawer”

Anna Tumarkin (Teaching Professor)
“Russian Language Pedagogy in the Age of War: Utilizing Technology to Amplify Diverse Voices and Perspectives”

Aselle Almuratova (PhD student)
“Amplifying Voices: Bringing Diversity to the Russian Language Classroom”

Thomas H. Tabatowski (PhD alum)
“Embracing and Avoiding Technology in the COVID-Era High School Classroom”