Maksim Hanukai

Credentials: Slavic

Position title: Assistant Professor


Office number: 1448 Van Hise Hall

Language: Russian

Research/Language Interests: Romanticism and its legacies, late and post-Soviet culture and society, theater and performance, intersections between literature and contemporary art, aesthetics and critical theory, political theory.

About Me: My research falls into three main areas: Russian Romanticism in its European context, late and post-Soviet literature and culture, and Russian theater and performance. My first monograph, which examines Alexander Pushkin’s sense of the tragic, was published in 2023 by The University of Wisconsin Press. I am currently working on a second book project that examines the cultural biopolitics of late- and post-Soviet Russia.

Undergraduate Courses: Survey of 19th Century Russian Literature in Translation (Littrans 201/203), Literature and Revolution (Littrans 238/Slavic 238), Performance and Power (Littrans 239/Slavic 239), Chekhov (Littrans 220/Slavic 420), Dostoevsky (Littrans 222/Slavic 422), Russian Capstone Seminar (Slavic 560)

Graduate Seminars: Russian Romanticism (Slavic 703), Critical Theory and Practice (Slavic 801), Contemporary Russian Performance (Slavic 900), Moscow Conceptualism (Slavic 900)

• Columbia University, Ph.D. (2014)