Our First Filmen Fredag

Norden House’s first official Filmen Fredag took place this past week in Adams. This week’s film was A Man Called Ove, a swedish dramatic comedy based on the worldwide best-selling novel. The story follows a grumpy old Swedish man named Ove who follows a strict routine in his community. After the loss of his wife, Ove feels that there is no reason to continue living. The film shows his journey to rediscovering happiness and finding family and love in the strangest of people. We had a great time in Norden laughing and crying throughout the movie, all while enjoying some pizza from Carson’s. The movie was with Swedish audio and English subtitles, helping the students of Norden pick up on some new vocabulary and phrases that’ll help us on our journey to fluency. When you immerse yourself in a culture you learn so much more about the people and lifestyles they lead. Can’t wait to see what film Norden brings us this Fredag! Vi ses!