Stocki’s Get Political

Wow! It is already November! T0 think that just two months ago we were opening our windows, doing homework outdoors, and enjoying all the fall activities Madison has to offer. Feels as if winter quickly came upon us this year…

But speaking of November, this year made for an exciting start to the season: the 2018 General Election! As already stated, the Stocki’s are very involved with most things German but surprisingly the majority of us are also quite politically active. For many of us, this was also our first major election to vote in which made things even more exciting. The weeks following up, whenever we would see one another in the hall, more often than not the question would be asked, “did ya vote yet?”. Sometimes this question would lead to a 30 minute conversation about what the current political status was or a recent news headline. Personally, I really enjoy this about the german learning community because although we all have a common interest, we like to venture out of German and share different opinions and breadth of knowledge.

The evening of the election, we all gathered in the den with our laptops (because when are we not doing homework?) and eagerly watched the votes get tallied. It wasn’t until almost midnight when Wisconsin’s results came in and we could go to bed without any more suspense. That evening made for yet another wonderful time together as the Stocki’s.