Halloween With The Stocki’s

Happy Halloween from the Stocki’s!!

The Stocki’s have been super busy this fall season, taking part in many festive events! One of the bigger events, was a haunted forest that a few of the Stocki’s partook in. Claire, Sophia, Sam, Adam, Aleks, and Kenny (our housefellow that tags along once in awhile) went and said it was super fun but not that scary. Aleks likes to claim this as well but when I asked the group how it was they said “pretty fun! Wish it were a little scarier though”…Aleks: “Yeah, me too.”…Group: “What! You screamed at every scare!” Aleks, I would have been right there with you…apparently these Stocki’s aren’t easily spooked.

A group of us also went and made caramel apples at Dejope. We got there a good 10-15 minutes before it started and the line was already around the corner! Tip: Get there even earlier! But they had something around 500 apples so I don’t think there was worry of running out…

Otherwise, on Halloween a few of us dressed up and had a small gathering with hot chocolate and pumpkin cookies. Sadly, since Halloween is on a Wednesday it was a short meet but it was a nice time to catch up and see how everyone is doing. Amelia definitely won best costume!! (Mad Hatter costume)