Stockwerk ILC Dinner

Grüß Euch! I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving or just a few days rest. I know all of us Stocki’s thoroughly enjoyed it and are excited for our winter break that will be here shortly.

As mentioned in one of the first posts, one of the things that you can do when you’re apart of the International Learning Community is go to the ILC Dinners. These events take place in the Mendota Room at Dejope every other Tuesday. Each dinner has a specific theme or topic, accompanied by a speaker and a matching menu. Examples of some the topics have been Art and Archeology of Ancient Greece and Rome, African Diaspora in the Americas, US-Korea Relations, and more! So far each topic has been incredibly interesting and has been a great way to get exposure to different professors and lectures taught on campus. Last week, however, was the different language house’s turn to bring something to the table so we all brought different poems from our region. Spanish House, Russian House, Norden House, Chinese House, German House, and a few japanese pieces were presented. German House performed three different poems and showcased the guest poet, Matt Guenette, who was there that evening (pictured above)!