J. Thomas Shaw Prize for Outstanding Paper

On Friday and Saturday, March 24 and 25, Slavic Studies held its annual graduate-student led Wisconsin Slavic Conference. The winner of the J. Thomas Shaw Prize for Outstanding Graduate Paper presented at this year’s conference was Marsel Khamitov for his “Performing/Preserving the Empire: Nationalism and Translation in Semyon Lipkin’s Dekada.” Honorable mention was given to Victoria Buyanovskaya for her paper titled “Escape from the Kunstkamera: Precarious Body and Resistance to Violence in Yuri Tynianov’s ‘Wax Persona’.”

Many thanks to this year’s jury—Prof. Yuliya Ilchuk (Stanford University), Prof. Melissa Miller (Colby College), and UW-Madison Profs. Andrew Reynolds and Irina Shevelenko—who had a challenging task given the quality of all the papers presented.