New Scholarship: The Karpat Turkish Language Scholarship

The Karpat Scholarship provides awards to selected students who take Turkish Language courses. The scholarship offers $500 to each recipient in their first year of Turkish Language instruction at UW-Madison, and $1,000 to each recipient in their second year of Turkish Language instruction.

Typically, two new recipients of this award are selected annually. These awards are funded by the Kemal H. Karpat Center for Turkish Studies.

Eligible applicants are undergraduate or graduate students who will be enrolled in Turkish language. The application deadline for 2023 is July 31. Starting in 2024, the annual application deadline will be July 1; when July 1 falls on a weekend, the deadline will be July 5. Applications consist of the student application dossier. Awards will be announced by August 15 via e-mail. For more information, visit The Karpat Turkish Language Scholarship page!