Award-Winning Polish Poet Julia Fiedorczuk Comes to UW–Madison

In the last few years, global crises have disrupted the lives of millions of people, including a pandemic, Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, and the climate crisis. This month, the UW–Madison Polish Program is hosting a meeting with Julia Fiedorczuk, a contemporary Polish poet and author whose work deals with these issues. Please join us for a poetry reading and discussion about the role of literature in dealing with the global crises that loom over our present and future!

The event “The Voice of ‘Nature Poetry’: A Meeting with Julia Fiedorczuk” will take place on Tuesday, February 20, in Ingraham Hall on the UW–Madison campus. The meeting follows the 2023 publication of Fiedorczuk’s volume Psalms, inspired by the original Hebrew Psalms and translated into English by Bill Johnston, translator of Polish literature and Professor of Comparative Literature at Indiana University. The event is co-sponsored by the UW–Madison Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic+, the Emily and Michael Lapinski Fund, the Center for Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia, and the Polish Cultural Institute New York.

The Voice of 'Nature Poetry': A Meeting with Julia Fiedorczuk


Julia Fiedorczuk is a writer, poet, translator, scholar, and editor. Her creative work has been translated into several languages and includes volumes of poetry, essays, short stories, and novels. She is also an Associate Professor at the Institute of English Studies and a co-founder of the Environmental Studies Center at the University of Warsaw. Her academic publications explore the intersection between aesthetics and environmental studies. They include such titles as The Cyborg in The Garden: An Introduction to Ecocriticism and Ecopoetics: An Ecological Defence of Poetry (written with Gerardo Beltrán).

Fiedorczuk’s latest poetic volume, Psalms (Psalmy, 2017), draws on her reading of the original Biblical Psalms and the climactic, ecological, and geopolitical changes affecting the contemporary world. It received the prestigious Wisława Szymborska Poetry Award in 2018 and came out as part of the Wisconsin Poetry Series (University of Wisconsin Press, 2023).


Event details: The Voice of “Nature Poetry”: A Meeting with Julia Fiedorczuk

Date and time: February 20 (Tuesday) at 5 p.m.

Location: Mark H. Ingraham Hall, Room 206, 1155 Observatory Dr, Madison, WI 53706

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