SNS 2023 Conference

Society for Novel Studies Conference 2023, “The Novel and the Archive”

University of Wisconsin–Madison

May 18-20, 2023

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is excited to host the bi-annual conference of the Society for Novel Studies. The Society for Novel Studies exists to further the study of the novel as a genre and to examine the role of fiction in engaging, formulating, and shaping the world.

This coming May 2023, we invite scholars at all levels to join in a conversation on the theme of “The Novel and the Archive.”  

Understanding the novel as a historical and contemporary phenomenon, as a genre continually open to change and experimentation, and as a national, regional, transnational, and global form, we will join together to ask: What is the relationship between the novel and the archive? What does the novel archive? And how does the archive manage the novel’s horizons?

Keynote Speakers 


Sheila Heti



Dr. Sandra Richter

Director Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach

Call For Papers

What is the relationship between the novel and the archive? We welcome proposals for panels, papers, keyword seminars, and novel sessions that explore:

  • global novels/global archives
  • archival questions of visibility, accessibility, and digitization in the novel
  • recovery of marginalized or excluded voices in novels as archival projects
  • affective work of archival sites (museums, personal libraries, state archives) in novels
  • role of the state and resistance in novels and archives
  • status of the novel as document
  • indigenous, postcolonial, decolonial, and living archives
  • translation as archival practice
  • memory work and the novel
  • relationship of the archive, novel, and performance
  • historicism and the theory of the novel / novel as counter-archive
  • indexicality of the archive
  • materiality of the novel form
  • archiving the global north vs. the global south

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