Kubb: The Scandinavian Lawn Game

The cold weather this week didn’t stop Norden House from playing our first few games of Kubb! Members of Norden house met with some native Swedes to play the popular Scandinavian lawn game this past Friday. Kubb is a fairly simple game involving two teams, 10 wooden pegs, 6 throwing sticks, and a king. Members of each team take turns throwing wood sticks at the other team’s pegs in hopes to knock them all down. The king peg must be knocked down last, but you can only knock it down by throwing your wooden pegs between your legs. There are other small rules involved depending on whether or not you knock down pegs, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a simple and very fun game. We had a great time laughing and trying to psych the other team out, ignoring the cold for a little bit. Our new Swedish friends taught us some common Swedish phrases and told stories of different Kubb games played in their families. Although my team was clad with two frequent players of the game, Brett, Norden house’s GLPC, managed to win every game for his team somehow. But don’t worry, a rematch will be coming soon.