Meet the Stockwerk Deutsch Learning Community

Hallo! Welcome back to the Stockwerk Deutsch blog! I have already introduced myself, but now I would like to introduce you to the Stockwerk Deutsch Learning Community itself…

This year we are a group of 11 undergrad students and 1 PhD Candidate, named Sophia! Sophia is our GLPC or Graduate Language Program Coordinator- which most language houses have. Sophia organizes different events for us such as cooking nights, game nights, field trips, or Sunday morning brunch round tables. Please don’t let the “coordinator” part fool you, Sophia is every bit a Stocki as all of the undergrads. From the first week of doing an escape room to going to dinner (almost) everyday together, the Stockis have become a little family within the ILC. More often than not we are all hanging out in the den (trying) to do homework, chatting casually in the hall, or attending an ILC event together. The Stocki environment has become such a hilarious and supportive group to be around. It is definitely an amazing way to start off college!

(Pictured in photo from L-R: Amelia, Claire, Izzy, Joey, Aleks, Gemütlichkeits Bucky [sub-in for Sophia taking the photo], Brenna, Sam, Carl, Adam)